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YPP Secretariat

PILDAT, as the Secretariat of Youth Parliament carries out following roles:

Overall Management and Facilitation of Youth Parliament Pakistan: PILDAT, as the initiating and management organisation for the Youth Parliament Pakistan is responsible for the overall management and facilitation of the Youth Parliament project towards its successful completion. PILDAT acts as a coordinating agent for the smooth and successful functioning and completion of the Youth Parliament project. 

Role in the Selection of Candidates: At least one representative of PILDAT will be a member of the Youth Parliament Steering Committee. In addition, initial screening and short-listing of candidates for interview based on the evaluation of EOI forms will also be the responsibility of PILDAT. 

Payment of Subsistence Allowance to MYPs: PILDAT will also be paying subsistence allowance and reimbursement for travel to MYPs travelling from outside Rawalpindi/Islamabad upon collecting the receipts of travel. 

Indemnification in case of loss: PILDAT’s role in the Youth Parliament is mainly that of a facilitator. However, it does not provide a guarantee against any losses suffered by the MYPs during the course of the Youth Parliament project. 

Contact YPP Secretariat Officials

Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob
Secretary General Youth Parliament Pakistan/President PILDAT
Off: 051-111 123 345

Ms. Aasiya Riaz
Joint Director, PILDAT
Additional Secretary, Youth Parliament Secretariat
Off: 051-111 123 345 

Ms. Aimen Khan 
Projects Manager, PILDAT
Joint Secretary, Youth Parliament Secretariat
Email: aimen.khan@pildat.org 
Off: 051-111 123 345 (116)

Mr. Hamad Ullah  Mangrio  
Projects Officer, PILDAT 
Deputy Secretary, Youth Parliament Secretariat
Email: hamadullah.mangrio@pildat.org 
Off: 051-111 123 345 (110)

Ms. Moonus Kayinat Zahra
Assistant Projects Officer, PILDAT
Deputy Secretary, Youth Parliament Secretariat
Email: moonus.zahra@pildat.org
Off: 051-111 123 345 (119)