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Youth Standing Committee on Finance

No. Constituency Name Gender Designation Party
1 YP1-10-KP06 Syed Shahmeer Raza Male Member Blue
2 YP1-17-PUNJAB06 Huda Tayyab Female Member Green
3 YP1-18-PUNJAB07 Irtaza Haider Male Member Blue
4 YP1-22-PUNJAB11 Muhammad Hassaan Ahsan Male Member Blue
5 YP1-29-PUNJAB18 Nida Akhter Chaudry Female Member Green
6 YP1-36-PUNJAB25 Taha Ilyas Male Member Blue
7 YP1-47-SINDH08 Oshaque Ali Jokhio Male Member Blue
8 YP1-48-SINDH09 Rida Tariq Female Member Blue
9 YP1-51-SINDH12 Zainab Sadia Saeed Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Finance Blue
10 YP1-57-AJK01 Anum Mushtaq Ahmed Female Member Blue
11 YP1-59-GB01 Basharat Ali Male Member Green
12 YP1-60-GB02 Fouzia Bano Female Member Blue
13 YP2-05-KP01 Abdul Mateen Khan Male Member Blue
14 YP2-07-KP03 Bibi Saiqa Female Member Blue
15 YP2-12-PUNJAB01 Adil Rehman Male Member Blue
16 YP2-16-PUNJAB05 Anser Mahmood Male Member Blue
17 YP2-17-PUNJAB06 Bilawal Bin Nasir Male Member Green
18 YP2-19-PUNJAB08 Hafiz Yasir Saleem Male Member Green
19 YP2-28-PUNJAB17 Muhammad Asim Waheed Male Member Blue
20 YP2-37-PUNJAB26 Umer Shafique Male Member Blue
21 YP2-40-SINDH01 Asad Ali Male Member Blue
22 YP2-46-SINDH07 Muhammad Owais Iqbal Siddiqui Male Member Blue
23 YP2-49-SINDH10 Sara Khan Female Member Blue
24 YP2-59-GB01 Saira Baig Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Finance Blue
25 YP3-01-BALOCHISTAN01 Adil Zaman Male Member Blue
26 YP3-09-KP05 Sidra Shahid Female Member Blue
27 YP3-14-PUNJAB04 Amar Shakir Jajja Male Member Green
28 YP3-25-PUNJAB14 Maham Naz (Absent) Female Member Blue
29 YP3-31-PUNJAB20 Muhammad Sajid Iqbal (Absent) Male Member Blue
30 YP3-40-PUNJAB29 Sumaira Riaz Female Member Blue
31 YP3-45-SINDH05 Abdul Rehman Memon Male Member Blue
32 YP3-46-SINDH06 Osama Mahmood Male Youth Leader of the House Blue
33 YP3-56-ICT03 Zarmina Khan Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Finance Blue
34 YP3-60-AJK02 Maryum Shahid Female Member Blue
35 YP4-01-BALOCHISTAN01 Muhammd Asif Khan Male Member Green
36 YP4-09-KP05 Luqman Hakeem Male Member Green
37 YP4-58-AJK01 Nadir M. Khawaja Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Finance Green
38 YP4-21-PUNJAB10 Hassan Javed Male Member Blue
39 YP4-27-PUNJAB16 Mohammad Rahum Saeed Male Member Blue
40 YP4-28-PUNJAB17 Muhammad Abdullah Male Member Green
41 YP4-39-PUNJAB28 Sheeza Mughal Female Youth Deputy Speaker Blue
42 YP4-40-SINDH01 Anmol Fatima Rizvi Female Member Blue
43 YP4-48-SINDH09 Muhammad Usama Male Member Green