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Youth Standing Committee on Right to Information

No. Constituency Name Gender Designation Party
1 YP1-05-KP01 Ayesha Shah Female Member Blue
2 YP1-12-PUNJAB01 Aabgeenay Khan Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Right to Information Blue
3 YP1-13-PUNJAB02 Aminah Suhail Qureshi Female Member Blue
4 YP1-16-PUNJAB05 Hassan Maqsood Male Member Blue
5 YP1-21-PUNJAB10 Mudassar Faqeer Muhammad Male Member Blue
6 YP1-30-PUNJAB19 Rao Muhammad Danial Male Member Blue
7 YP1-33-PUNJAB22 Sana Khan Afridi Female Member Blue
8 YP1-37-PUNJAB26 Tayyaba Ikram Female Member Blue
9 YP1-39-PUNJAB28 Wardah Gull Female Member Blue
10 YP1-40-SINDH01 Anum Hameed Female Member Blue
11 YP1-42-SINDH03 Asad Jafri Male Member Blue
12 YP1-44-SINDH05 Imtiaz Aziz Male Member Blue
13 YP2-02-BALOCHISTAN02 Bakhshya Khan Male Member Blue
14 YP2-03-BALOCHISTAN03 Abdul Qayyum Achakzai Male Member Blue
15 YP2-10-KP06 Ramiz Ali Shah Male Member Blue
16 YP2-11-KP07 Roeel Azmat Khan Male Member Blue
17 YP2-14-PUNJAB03 Maha Khan Female Member Blue
18 YP2-25-PUNJAB14 Khadija Haider Female Member Green
19 YP2-41-SINDH02 Auranzaib Aslam Noor Ali Male Member Blue
20 YP2-42-SINDH03 Faras Haroon Kirmani Male Member Green
21 YP2-43-SINDH04 Fatima Irfan Chohan Female Member Blue
22 YP2-50-SINDH11 Sheraz Mazhar Male Member Blue
23 YP2-52-SINDH13 Talha Mohammad Male Member Green
24 YP2-54-ICT02 Sarim Jamal Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Right to Information Blue
25 YP3-06-KP02 Fardad Muhammad Baig Male Member Blue
26 YP3-17-PUNJAB06 Ammar Abdullah Male Youth Leader of the Opposition Green
27 YP3-20-PUNJAB09 Muhammad Bilal Akram Male Member Blue
28 YP3-21-PUNJAB10 Hammad Ghafoor Chaudhry Male Member Blue
29 YP3-22-PUNJAB11 Hanna Zafar Female Member Blue
30 YP3-23-PUNJAB12 Khadija Amjad Ali Female Member Green
31 YP3-26-PUNJAB15 Mahar Fateh Ali Hayat Male Member Blue
32 YP3-39-PUNJAB28 Sobia Irshad Sipra Female Member Blue
33 YP3-42-SINDH02 Danyal Haider (Absent) Male Member Blue
34 YP3-52-SINDH12 Sonam Devi Female Member Blue
35 YP3-53-SINDH13 Saad Saeed Qureshi Male Member Green
36 YP3-55-ICT02 Suleman Arshad Male Member Blue
37 YP3-61-GB01 Muhammad Ali Singay Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Right to Information Blue
38 YP4-03-BALOCHISTAN03 Naveed Ahmed Male Member Green
39 YP4-06-KP02 Bakhtawar Komal Female Member Blue
40 YP4-12-PUNJAB01 Aamir Zakaullah Male Member Green
41 YP4-16-PUNJAB05 Ali Haassan Malik Male Member Blue
42 YP4-24-PUNJAB13 Maher Muhammadd Akmal Male Member Green
43 YP4-29-PUNJAB18 Muhammad Ali Male Member Blue
44 YP4-30-PUNJAB19 Muhammad Ibrahim Puri Male Member Green
45 YP4-33-PUNJAB22 Nihal Farid Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Right to Information Blue
46 YP4-34-PUNJAB23 Rafi Ullah Male Member Green
47 YP4-35-PUNJAB24 Rohia Mufaidi Female Member Blue