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No. Constituency Name Gender Designation Party
1 YP1-01-BALOCHISTAN01 Deepak Kumar Katija Male Member Blue
2 YP1-02-BALOCHISTAN02 Masood ur Rehman Bazai Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Electoral & Political Reforms Blue
3 YP1-03-BALOCHISTAN03 Shahida Zareef Female Member Blue
4 YP1-04-BALOCHISTAN04 Shahzad Hassan Jaffar Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Performance of Local Government Green
5 YP1-05-KP01 Ayesha Shah Female Member Blue
6 YP1-06-KP02 Dil Zeb Male Member Green
7 YP1-07-KP03 Muhammad Ejaz Abbasi Male Youth Deputy Speaker Green
8 YP1-08-KP04 Muhammad Ahmad Male Member Blue
9 YP1-09-KP05 Syed Ijlal Ali Shah Male Member Blue
10 YP1-10-KP06 Syed Shahmeer Raza Male Member Blue
11 YP1-11-KP07 Waqar Hussain Khattak Male Member Blue
12 YP1-12-PUNJAB01 Aabgeenay Khan Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Right to Information Blue
13 YP1-13-PUNJAB02 Aminah Suhail Qureshi Female Member Blue
14 YP1-14-PUNJAB03 Azmat Yaseen Male Member Blue
15 YP1-15-PUNJAB04 Faizan Daud Male Youth Leader of the House Blue
16 YP1-16-PUNJAB05 Hassan Maqsood Male Member Blue
17 YP1-17-PUNJAB06 Huda Tayyab Female Member Green
18 YP1-18-PUNJAB07 Irtaza Haider Male Member Blue
19 YP1-19-PUNJAB08 Maha Afzal Butt Female Member Blue
20 YP1-20-PUNJAB09 Mahum Adil Female Member Blue
21 YP1-21-PUNJAB10 Mudassar Faqeer Muhammad Male Member Blue
22 YP1-22-PUNJAB11 Muhammad Hassaan Ahsan Male Member Blue
23 YP1-23-PUNJAB12 Muhammad Zohaib Dogar Male Member Blue
24 YP1-24-PUNJAB13 Muhammad Ahmad Male Member Blue
25 YP1-25-PUNJAB14 Muhammad Hammad Male Member Green
26 YP1-26-PUNJAB15 Muhammad Afzal Male Member Blue
27 YP1-27-PUNJAB16 Muhammad Bilal Khan Male Member Blue
28 YP1-28-PUNJAB17 Muhammad Moiz Hijazi Male Member Blue
29 YP1-29-PUNJAB18 Nida Akhter Chaudry Female Member Green
30 YP1-30-PUNJAB19 Rao Muhammad Danial Male Member Blue
31 YP1-31-PUNJAB20 Saad Ashiq Male Youth Leader of the Opposition Green
32 YP1-32-PUNJAB21 Salman Mahmood Qazi Male Member Blue
33 YP1-33-PUNJAB22 Sana Khan Afridi Female Member Blue
34 YP1-34-PUNJAB23 Shahmir Hamid Male Member Blue
35 YP1-35-PUNJAB24 Shahnawaz Arif Male Member Green
36 YP1-36-PUNJAB25 Taha Ilyas Male Member Blue
37 YP1-37-PUNJAB26 Tayyaba Ikram Female Member Blue
38 YP1-38-PUNJAB27 Usman Ali Male Member Blue
39 YP1-39-PUNJAB28 Wardah Gull Female Member Blue
40 YP1-40-SINDH01 Anum Hameed Female Member Blue
41 YP1-41-SINDH02 Anushe Gohar Khuhawar Female Member Blue
42 YP1-42-SINDH03 Asad Jafri Male Member Blue
43 YP1-43-SINDH04 Ghulam Abbas Male Member Blue
44 YP1-44-SINDH05 Imtiaz Aziz Male Member Blue
45 YP1-45-SINDH06 Kamran Badar Solangi Male Member Blue
46 YP1-46-SINDH07 Neha Tariq Female Member Green
47 YP1-47-SINDH08 Oshaque Ali Jokhio Male Member Blue
48 YP1-48-SINDH09 Rida Tariq Female Member Blue
49 YP1-49-SINDH10 Syed Mohammad Raza Zaidi Male Member Blue
50 YP1-50-SINDH11 Yasir Ali Solangi Male Member Blue
51 YP1-51-SINDH12 Zainab Sadia Saeed Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Finance Blue
52 YP1-52-SINDH13 Zubaida Abbasi Female Member Blue
53 YP1-53-ICT01 Faizan Afzal Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on National Security & Foreign Affairs Blue
54 YP1-54-ICT02 Talal Khurshid Bhatti Male Member Blue
55 YP1-55-FATA01 Saddam Hussain Male Member Green
56 YP1-56-FATA02 Attique Alam Male Member Blue
57 YP1-57-AJK01 Anum Mushtaq Ahmed Female Member Blue
58 YP1-58-AJK02 Khaliq ur Rehman Male Member Blue
59 YP1-59-GB01 Basharat Ali Male Member Green
60 YP1-60-GB02 Fouzia Bano Female Member Blue
61 YP2-01-BALOCHISTAN01 Aimal Amjad Qureshi Male Member Blue
62 YP2-02-BALOCHISTAN02 Bakhshya Khan Male Member Blue
63 YP2-03-BALOCHISTAN03 Abdul Qayyum Achakzai Male Member Blue
64 YP2-04-BALOCHISTAN04 Syed Nisar Ahmed Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Performance of Local Government Blue
65 YP2-05-KP01 Abdul Mateen Khan Male Member Blue
66 YP2-06-KP02 Amjad Iqbal Male Member Green
67 YP2-07-KP03 Bibi Saiqa Female Member Blue
68 YP2-08-KP04 Bushra Qayyum Female Member Blue
69 YP2-09-KP05 Ijaz Ali Male Member Blue
70 YP2-10-KP06 Ramiz Ali Shah Male Member Blue
71 YP2-11-KP07 Roeel Azmat Khan Male Member Blue
72 YP2-12-PUNJAB01 Adil Rehman Male Member Blue
73 YP2-13-PUNJAB02 Afia Waheed Khan Female Youth Deputy Speaker Blue
74 YP2-14-PUNJAB03 Maha Khan Female Member Blue
75 YP2-15-PUNJAB04 Amjad Iqbal Male Member Blue
76 YP2-16-PUNJAB05 Anser Mahmood Male Member Blue
77 YP2-17-PUNJAB06 Bilawal Bin Nasir Male Member Green
78 YP2-18-PUNJAB07 Farhat Ijaz Female Member Blue
79 YP2-19-PUNJAB08 Hafiz Yasir Saleem Male Member Green
80 YP2-20-PUNJAB09 Hafiza Durdana Muqaddas Female Member Blue
81 YP2-21-PUNJAB10 Hammad Abdullah Nazar Male Member Blue
82 YP2-22-PUNJAB11 Hammad Khan Male Member Green
83 YP2-23-PUNJAB12 Hajra Iftikhar Female Member Green
84 YP2-24-PUNJAB13 Hassan Talal Male Member Blue
85 YP2-25-PUNJAB14 Khadija Haider Female Member Green
86 YP2-26-PUNJAB15 Mohammad Hassan Khan Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on National Security & Foreign Affairs Green
87 YP2-27-PUNJAB16 Muhammad Ahmad Hassan Male Member Blue
88 YP2-28-PUNJAB17 Muhammad Asim Waheed Male Member Blue
89 YP2-29-PUNJAB18 Muhammad Owais Khalil Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Electoral & Political Reforms Blue
90 YP2-30-PUNJAB19 Muneeb Ijaz Male Member Blue
91 YP2-31-PUNJAB20 Neelofar Amir Khan Female Member Blue
92 YP2-32-PUNJAB21 Michael Nelson Male Member Blue
93 YP2-33-PUNJAB22 Mohsin Gulzar Male Member Blue
94 YP2-34-PUNJAB23 Rashid Saleem Male Member Green
95 YP2-35-PUNJAB24 Sana Akhter Female Member Green
96 YP2-36-PUNJAB25 Taimur Ashfaq Male Member Blue
97 YP2-37-PUNJAB26 Umer Shafique Male Member Blue
98 YP2-38-PUNJAB27 Wahab Ahmad Male Member Blue
99 YP2-39-PUNJAB28 Zain Arshad Male Member Green
100 YP2-40-SINDH01 Asad Ali Male Member Blue
101 YP2-41-SINDH02 Auranzaib Aslam Noor Ali Male Member Blue
102 YP2-42-SINDH03 Faras Haroon Kirmani Male Member Green
103 YP2-43-SINDH04 Fatima Irfan Chohan Female Member Blue
104 YP2-44-SINDH05 Masood Ahmed Shaikh Male Member Blue
105 YP2-45-SINDH06 Meghna Maheshwari Female Member Blue
106 YP2-46-SINDH07 Muhammad Owais Iqbal Siddiqui Male Member Blue
107 YP2-47-SINDH08 Salman Ahmed Khan Male Youth Leader of the Opposition Green
108 YP2-48-SINDH09 Muhammad Manan Shaikh Male Member Blue
109 YP2-49-SINDH10 Sara Khan Female Member Blue
110 YP2-50-SINDH11 Sheraz Mazhar Male Member Blue
111 YP2-51-SINDH12 Syeda Maleehay Shikoh Female Member Blue
112 YP2-52-SINDH13 Talha Mohammad Male Member Green
113 YP2-54-ICT02 Sarim Jamal Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Right to Information Blue
114 YP2-55-FATA01 Muhammad Nafees Ud Din Male Member Green
115 YP2-56-FATA02 Taj Wali Male Member Blue
116 YP2-57-AJK01 Muhammad Awais Alvi Male Member Green
117 YP2-58-AJK02 Sania Saeed Female Member Green
118 YP2-59-GB01 Saira Baig Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Finance Blue
119 YP2-60-GB02 Tehseen Ali Male Youth Leader of the House Blue
120 YP3-01-BALOCHISTAN01 Adil Zaman Male Member Blue
121 YP3-02-BALOCHISTAN02 Areen Shahid Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Performance of Local Government Blue
122 YP3-03-BALOCHISTAN03 Iqra Nadeem (Absent) Female Member Blue
123 YP3-04-BALOCHISTAN04 Widad Durrani Male Member Green
124 YP3-05-KP01 Aimal Khan Male Member Blue
125 YP3-06-KP02 Fardad Muhammad Baig Male Member Blue
126 YP3-07-KP03 Muhammad Shoaib Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Electoral & Political Reforms Blue
127 YP3-08-KP04 Muhammad Wisal Male Member Blue
128 YP3-09-KP05 Sidra Shahid Female Member Blue
129 YP3-10-KP06 Sikandar Hayat Sajid Male Member Blue
130 YP3-11-KP07 Sumira Wali Female Member Blue
131 YP3-12-PUNJAB01 Ahmed Bilal Male Member Blue
132 YP3-13-PUNJAB02 Ahmed Sohaib Male Member Blue
133 YP3-14-PUNJAB03 Pashmina Abid Female Member Green
134 YP3-14-PUNJAB04 Amar Shakir Jajja Male Member Green
135 YP3-16-PUNJAB05 Amema Rehman (Absent) Female Member Blue
136 YP3-17-PUNJAB06 Ammar Abdullah Male Youth Leader of the Opposition Green
137 YP3-19-PUNJAB08 Arslan Ahmed Khan Male Member Blue
138 YP3-20-PUNJAB09 Muhammad Bilal Akram Male Member Blue
139 YP3-21-PUNJAB10 Hammad Ghafoor Chaudhry Male Member Blue
140 YP3-22-PUNJAB11 Hanna Zafar Female Member Blue
141 YP3-23-PUNJAB12 Khadija Amjad Ali Female Member Green
142 YP3-24-PUNJAB13 Luqman Elahi Sheikh Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on National Security & Foreign Affairs Green
143 YP3-25-PUNJAB14 Maham Naz (Absent) Female Member Blue
144 YP3-26-PUNJAB15 Mahar Fateh Ali Hayat Male Member Blue
145 YP3-27-PUNJAB16 Syed Mirza Zeeshan Haider Male Member Blue
146 YP3-28-PUNJAB17 Muhammad Abdullah Alvi Male Member Blue
147 YP3-29-PUNJAB18 Muhammad Adil Chattha Male Member Blue
148 YP3-31-PUNJAB20 Muhammad Sajid Iqbal (Absent) Male Member Blue
149 YP3-32-PUNJAB21 Muhammad Shaf wakil Male Member Blue
150 YP3-33-PUNJAB22 Muhammad Shahzad Akram Male Member Green
151 YP3-35-PUNJAB24 Mujeeb Aslam Male Member Green
152 YP3-36-PUNJAB25 Nayab Fatima Female Member Green
153 YP3-37-PUNJAB26 Nida Ditta Female Member Blue
154 YP3-39-PUNJAB28 Sobia Irshad Sipra Female Member Blue
155 YP3-40-PUNJAB29 Sumaira Riaz Female Member Blue
156 YP3-41-SINDH01 Afshan Gul Memon Female Member Blue
157 YP3-42-SINDH02 Danyal Haider (Absent) Male Member Blue
158 YP3-43-SINDH03 Fahad Abbasi (Absent) Male Member Blue
159 YP3-44-SINDH04 Fazal Ur Rehman (Absent) Male Member Blue
160 YP3-45-SINDH05 Abdul Rehman Memon Male Member Blue
161 YP3-46-SINDH06 Osama Mahmood Male Youth Leader of the House Blue
162 YP3-47-SINDH07 Shahbaz Hussain Male Member Green
163 YP3-48-SINDH08 Saad Khursheed Male Member Blue
164 YP3-49-SINDH09 Sehrish Female Member Blue
165 YP3-50-SINDH10 Shabnaz Moswali Khan Female Member Blue
166 YP3-51-SINDH11 Shahzaib Ansari Male Member Blue
167 YP3-52-SINDH12 Sonam Devi Female Member Blue
168 YP3-53-SINDH13 Saad Saeed Qureshi Male Member Green
169 YP3-54-ICT01 Abdur Rahman Male Youth Deputy Speaker Blue
170 YP3-55-ICT02 Suleman Arshad Male Member Blue
171 YP3-56-ICT03 Zarmina Khan Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Finance Blue
172 YP3-57-FATA01 Amanullah Khan Male Member Blue
173 YP3-58-FATA02 Kausar Bibi Female Member Blue
174 YP3-59-AJK01 Asim Shahid Male Member Blue
175 YP3-60-AJK02 Maryum Shahid Female Member Blue
176 YP3-61-GB01 Muhammad Ali Singay Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Right to Information Blue
177 YP3-62-GB02 Zahid Ali Male Member Blue
178 YP4-01-BALOCHISTAN01 Muhammd Asif Khan Male Member Green
179 YP4-02-BALOCHISTAN02 Muhammad Jameel Male Member Green
180 YP4-03-BALOCHISTAN03 Naveed Ahmed Male Member Green
181 YP4-04-BALOCHISTAN04 Zainab Gohar Female Member Blue
182 YP4-05-KP01 Ali Rehman Khan Male Member Green
183 YP4-06-KP02 Bakhtawar Komal Female Member Blue
184 YP4-07-KP03 Haider Ali Awan Male Member Blue
185 YP4-08-KP04 Jawad Khan Male Member Blue
186 YP4-09-KP05 Luqman Hakeem Male Member Green
187 YP4-10-KP06 Nauman Khan Male Member Blue
188 YP4-11-KP07 Sumera Shams Female Member Blue
189 YP4-12-PUNJAB01 Aamir Zakaullah Male Member Green
190 YP4-13-PUNJAB02 Abdullah Mashhood Ahmad Male Leader of the House Blue
191 YP4-14-PUNJAB03 Abeera Ashfaq Female Member Green
192 YP4-15-PUNJAB04 Abid Qayyum Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Performance of Local Government Blue
193 YP4-16-PUNJAB05 Ali Haassan Malik Male Member Blue
194 YP4-17-PUNJAB06 Ali Hassan Shafqat Male Member Blue
195 YP4-56-FATA01 Iftikhar Khan Male Member Blue
196 YP4-58-AJK01 Nadir M. Khawaja Male Chairman, Youth Standing Committee on Finance Green
197 YP4-18-PUNJAB07 Ali Hussain Male Member Blue
198 YP4-19-PUNJAB08 Allah Wasaya Male Member Blue
199 YP4-20-PUNJAB09 Faiza Arooj Female Member Blue
200 YP4-21-PUNJAB10 Hassan Javed Male Member Blue
201 YP4-22-PUNJAB11 Inam Ur Rehman Male Member Green
202 YP4-23-PUNJAB12 Khadija Batool Female Member Blue
203 YP4-24-PUNJAB13 Maher Muhammadd Akmal Male Member Green
204 YP4-25-PUNJAB14 Maimoona Siddiqui Female Member Green
205 YP4-26-PUNJAB15 Memoona Irshad Female Member Blue
206 YP4-27-PUNJAB16 Mohammad Rahum Saeed Male Member Blue
207 YP4-28-PUNJAB17 Muhammad Abdullah Male Member Green
208 YP4-29-PUNJAB18 Muhammad Ali Male Member Blue
209 YP4-30-PUNJAB19 Muhammad Ibrahim Puri Male Member Green
210 YP4-31-PUNJAB20 Muhammad Khubaib Zafar Male Member Blue
211 YP4-32-PUNJAB21 Muhammad Usama Bin Tariq Male Member Blue
212 YP4-33-PUNJAB22 Nihal Farid Female Chairperson, Youth Standing Committee on Right to Information Blue
213 YP4-34-PUNJAB23 Rafi Ullah Male Member Green
214 YP4-35-PUNJAB24 Rohia Mufaidi Female Member Blue
215 YP4-36-PUNJAB25 Sardar Sikandar Hayat Male Member Green
216 YP4-37-PUNJAB26 Shahbano Kamran Female Member Blue
217 YP4-38-PUNJAB27 Shanza Gul Female Member Blue
218 YP4-39-PUNJAB28 Sheeza Mughal Female Youth Deputy Speaker Blue
219 YP4-40-SINDH01 Anmol Fatima Rizvi Female Member Blue
220 YP4-41-SINDH02 Asfandyar Unnar Male Member Green
221 YP4-48-SINDH09 Muhammad Usama Male Member Green
222 YP4-54-ICT01 Azeem Armaghan Arslan Male Leader of the Opposition Green